Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming Soon... {hopefully}

hello wonderful people out there.. well its coming soon.. hopefully by the end of the week... WHAT you ask.. well alittle bit of me..
Clouds and More...

alittle etsy shop..

so anyho.. been taking some pics today.. mostly unsuccessfully so will have to redo in better light..but miss Ivy decided to help insisting that before every shot of different product she would take a photo.. so heres a snippet in the eyes of IVy.. so that was Ivy by me.. she was getting cranky coz it was her turn..LOL..

oh i couldnt resist.. alittle sneaky..

as you can tell i need better photos..will do that cloud that looks brown is actually elephant grey..yep thats right GREY.. anyho.. have a great great day or night whichever it may be..
can you tell i'm not very good with keeping my own secrets anyone else's I'm great but i cant keep my own that is why it is soooo hard for me not to show any of my masters entry... but anyho... thanks for the love.. and please let me know what you think..


Jules said...

haha ... you clever little busy chickie you... masters and etsy all at the same time!!... and all i can manage is toilet training atm... :))xx

Stacey Young said...

Yummmmmm, lollipops:):) I am with Jules on the toilet training (aarrgh)!! Well done:)

Lisa Amiet said...

haha love giving the camera to the kids...totally different perspective, so glad I'm finished with the toilet training lol, and sooo want those lollipops!!!

Chloe :-) said...

Ooooooooo ..... an etsy store!!! Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to see more :-) you are amazing :-) and I just love those lollipops too ... I wanna eat them ... LOL :-)

Sarah Lou said...

love the ivy pictures!!!

Congrats on the etsy - now I really will have to figure out scary paypal!!! love the cloudys!!!

ps know how you feel about wanting to shares the masters stuff!!!!!

Noels said...

awesome leanne.. congrats on etsy.. the clouds and rain drops and lollipops look great

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