Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

OMMM Moodiversary take 2.

What can I say.. I just can't get enough.. I LOVE this mood board for the Our Mixed Media Moods Moodiversary!!!
so YES... I created another little mini thingybob. 
Inspired by the colours and then the textures that are mixed throughout the board... 

 YES .. you guessed it .. I did this one on a Sunday. where I actually hadn't done nothing all day, or went for a Sunday drive OR a long walk.. I worked on two assignments and a quiz for Uni..
so .. thanks for looking... please comment..

grey board, Stabilo, Liquitex Gesso (white and clear) and light texture paste, Staples. punchella, staples, postage stamp, Dylusions paint (postbox red), Watercolours, Inktense Ink. Words from a vintage book.
Thank you again.
Make Marks Everyday....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Our Mixed Media Moods, Moodiversary

A little while ago I joined a facebook group called Our Mixed Media Moods to get some extra inspiration for creating .. well.. stuff.. and I absolutely love the group... every month there is a challenge mood board and the concept to make whatever you want mixed media inspired by that board. I have had so much fun with creating with no limits and its been absolutely amazing just to have some fun... This month marks the one year anniversary for OMMM. so DeeDee (insert BIG fan girl!!... )and Jenn are celebrating with a Moodiversary board that runs for the whole month with amazing prizes.. to me the prizes are just a bonus.. I mean check out this mother of a mood board...................... 
I bet you drooled as much as I did.. so I've decided to play along but without setting myself a list of must do it.. especially since art is my therapy and break away from university study, work and kids.. so I sat down and ran with it.. I did originally think that I would create something using the first photo as inspiration.. and I kind of did.... see below close up.. see the green layer part bit right at the almost very bottom of the layers (under the heart)....
see I was telling the truth.. and well then I just did my thing and ran with it.... I knew I wanted one of these people.. since I've been creating a few of them... (yep slack blogger award goes to ME... I'll do another post in a day or so. showing my art journal.. and the loving that I've been having with these peeps)...
and a little saying from 7 dots studio is a must for this little card type thingybobs..... I don't even know if they have a style/class or accepted name so thingybobs they are..
some Staples.. we love staples.. and LAYERS.. lots of layers. I'll put a list at the end of some of the awesomeness that went into this.... and then the moment you've been waiting for... the reveal........

YEP .. I LOVE it.. thank you again DeeDee and Jenn for this moodiversary amazingness...!!!
I've put a link to the Facebook group and DeeDee and Jenn's blogs at the top if you want to check any of them out...

bookboard, liquitex white gesso, Dina Wakley acrylic paints (Lemon, ocean, evergreen), Dylusions Postbox red paint, Inktense Pencils, Stablilo MarksAll pencil, 7 Dots Studio Lost and Found word stickers, vintage music sheet, vintage dress pattern, TCW stencil, liquitex light modelling paste, staples, Matisse Black gesso, canvas (fabric), Inktense ink.

Thanks for dropping by.. leave some loving.. I LOVE that shit..
happy Creating.. just go for it.. 

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