Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the colour room.. well was....

this one i actually set out to do this weeks colour room.. i havent played along there for ages so i thought that i'd give it ago.. only problem was... i ran out of letters in the colours that i needed.. oh well. .i still like the page.
"my Christmas Cutie Pie"
My Christmas Cutie Pie a close up of the frame.. awesome frame from Scrapmatts... {cb 4007 Frames.. actually the frame as well as a heap of butterflies..}.. there is also a reindeer and the christmas word chippy is also scrapmatts.....

these twirly twiggy thingy bobs was actually introducted to me by Geli.. and guess where they are from...$2 cheapy shop.. yay....
the swirly big fun journalling...
oh and have a look at the flowers on the frame.. they are actually more off cuts that we got at the brissy expo.. i just covered them in glitter.. {yeah man its back}.. and added them over the flower on the frame ..just to give it alittle something extra.
showing the height.. you know i love alittle height in my layouts...
and AT LAST... yep at last i have finished all 4 angels.. the last 2 have been sitting on my desk being moved around for the last few days coz i.. well... just wanted to scrap..lol.....
i must admit that i think that i am pretty happy with them...

"angel Blue"

close up of angel blue...

"Angel Green"
close angel green.. all the chippy butterflies are scrapmatts... yum.

well thats about it from me for today.. will be back tomorrow to show you some picx that i just took of ivy whilst doing this blog.. involves LOTS of baby powder...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Cloud - Tori Amos

my bff Tracey found this song for me...
oh and here are the words..

"Your Cloud"

where the river cross
crosses the lake
where the words
jump off my pen
and into your pages
do you think
just like that
you can divide
this you as yours
me as mine to
before we were us
if the rain has to separate
from itself
does it say "pick out your cloud?"
pick out your cloud
if there is
a horizontal line
that runs from the map
off your body
straight through the land
shooting up
right through my heart
will this horizontal line
when asked
know how to find
where you end
where i begin
"pick out your cloud"
how light can play
and form a ring of rain
that can change bows into arrows
(i found a thrill)
who we were isn't lost
before we were us
indigo in his own
blue always knew this
if the rain
has to separate
from itself
does it say pick out your cloud

so thats about it for me today.. am part way through a page..yay.. Glitter is making a come back....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

by golly miss molly.. two..

you know how it is sometimes.. when things just dont go well... right... i had a day with Tarj on Thursday.. mainly thurs arvo and night.. he was Yelling, kicking, hitting and screaming at me HEAPS>. .. and for those who know Tarj will know how uncharacteristic these things are.. andyho.. that night when i went to put him in bed he started again over which book to read..so having had enought.. just walked out and said.. nope no books tonight.. and boy oh boy this started it again.. it got the stage that my dad came in and told me to go and sit in the lounge and proceeded to have a chat to Tarj about not speaking or acting that way towards his mum.. and well.. you have to know the full story now.. later that night he had a Tarj dream {hasnt had one for MONTHS}.. he is asleep but dreaming and then starts screaming and thrashing around . all i can do is sit there and try and talk him through it...and then after hes calmed alittle i try and wake him so he knows that its just a dream.. anyho this happend a couple of times and in the end i put him in my bed with me to sleep.. and he did right through till the morning.. and then when he woke, couldnt remember a thing and was as happy as larry.. so that got me to thinking that i really wonder what goes on in his brain sometimes.. and i created this...
"Wonder What?"
Photobucket the journalling.. for the circle bit i found these off cuts when i discovered SCRAPMATTS at the Brissy expo.. and i love them....together with a masking tape background a perfect journalling block.

and the cluster,, more scrapmatts... {oh have a look here scrapmatts new ning site}
oh yeah.. and the wire.. liking wire at the mo... and for the scrapmatts.. i got the raw chippy and coloured it in with zig pen and then covered it all in dimensional magic for that shinny appearance.
and lastly some height detail.. love layers..
oh did you notice the robot punch that i got for my bday.. just hadnt used it yet..so funky.

and now for a reflective piece...

Photobucket a local challenge group was to do a layout using circles.. all embellies and photos had to be circles.. {ps..notice there arent any embellies,, just journalling, photos and pp}..

these photos are of the wall of layouts from Roctreat just cut them randomly into different sizes and stitched around them..coolio.
and the journalling....

okay ..

so thats about it.. i have created 2 layouts on friday. worked today.. and about .. well soon ish go to bed so i can work again tomorrow..yay for me..lol.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i Scrapped..yep thats right i actually scrapped.. i needed a break from angels, wreaths an tags..yay.. ahhh and boy did if feel fanastic.......
for this on i had alittle inspiration....

these little cards were created by Angella Peardon.. they featured in an Aussie scrap mag recently {whoops cant think of the name..} and she is the dt co ordinator for Scrapmatts.. yay...
Photobucket yep i loved that lil lady.. so i cut the legs off of the dress form {cb 6054 Dress forms 05} covered it back and front with old dress pattern, tied a bow of twine and lastly finished her off with some super cool butterfly wings...
closeup of the wings.. coolio hey...

oh i loved this pic so just had to frame it...

sweet.. journalling in the little frame. oh oh and some coolio stitching.. i'm really likin the sewing machine..just dont ask me to sew a straight line...lol..
top feature.
and this is what i needed the break from... Tags.. yep i know remember why I DONT MAKE these..they are a pain.. taking up valuable scrappin time... doh.. anyho.. a daycare teacher asked i'd make some and she'd pay me for them..so yippee for that..
so thats about it from me...

oh i forgot........................ i got named on the DT for SCrapmatts..yep the one that i wanted .. .yay for me... woot woot....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disected and Angel death.

well hello there peeps.. thanks for joining my mess..LOL...
today i would like to start with...
"My Shining Light"
My Shining Light. this layout has been done very consciously trying to use just one brand of chippies.. and that is Scrapmatts.... so now you will be stuck with a hundred close ups coz i like disecting my pages for you peeps... coz i know when i look at a layout i just want to touch it so i thought this may help..LOL.. so the title..

Scrapmatts cb 5025 Lamp Posts and cb 6046 Layered Frame.. yep.. both have glitter... {i know obsessed} and the are super yummy... love how they ended up. oh and can you see the Lil Red Rocket button..used it as if it was some grass at the bottom of the lamp.. ehhehehhehee..
a close up of the close up... see the light is on in that there lamp...
the journalling..
and a layered butterfly.. thanks to Julie Winks for the inspiration... so its a scrapmatts butterfly {cb 4007 pack} and then a clear cut butterfly and some muslin... {[aka... gauze swab]}..
and then just the bottom little group...
oh and how could i forget this lil guy... birdy is cb 1086 ... oh and the staple legs got another run..
and now for the death of the angels....

angel Red,

angel Pink,
well i thought that i'd killed these little ladies but it was pointed out to me that angels dont die.. so i mustnt have... but still undecided.. i have started the next two... so i 'll see how they go.

okay dokey.. sorry about the long post.. actually... STOP... no i'm not.. i love every single close up.. so there.... {picture me blowing raspberries at you...LOL}..

hope i made you smile..WOOT WOOT.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a DOUBLE>. woot woot..

so yeah.. i have been doing stuff.. sorry been a bad blogger..lol.. but have been stalking.. {insert wicked laugh}.. but i did manage a DOUBLE>.
"The Roof"
The Roof.
the left side.
the right..
how coolio is that title block..love it.

loved this sticker from the basic grey "wander" series... and the clouds are from the packaging for Tarj's woody doll..

the Journalling.

and a cluster photo..{bit hard to see..but the large photo is sitting about 7mm up off of the base.. i love alittle bit of height}..

Yep.. and of course Tarj and Ivy just had to have their photos taken as well..

oh my boy is so sweet.. and yes that IS spaghetti all over ivys face...
my Teachers Angels.. started making these angels for the daycare teachers... work in progress.. but i am happy so far so i will have to show again when they are finished.. just wanted a record just in case i stuff them up..lol... {no seriously}

thanks for havin alittle stay here.. for this super loooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggg post... hope you are all well and hunky dory...
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