Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thank you

so FIRST of all i would love to thank you guys for all your lovin and purchases..woot woot.. second ..
adding new stuff all the time.. got some special stuff in the mail today that i had been waiting so i'm hoping to start them tomorrow although i might have alittle me break..and scrap..yay..
speaking of scrap.. heres alittle sneaky into my most recent for Journal it..

mmm now that i've looked probably alittle to big of sneaky.. but anyho.. just NEEDED to share.. ahhhhhh... that need is now quenched.... thanks

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out now....

Howdy FAns and airconditioners....

well its official..
its open..
Clouds and more....

i've taken the plunge.. starting out small..but who knows LOL..
i have also done some more creations today that i will photo and put up tomorrow..and i'm waiting on some supplies to arrive..and my cards to finish the packaging are still coming as well... so bare with me for the first couple of orders until i get sorted... fingers crossed they get here soon.............

thanks for stopping by.. but unfortunately I HAVENT DONE ANY SCRAPPING>.... yeah i know ... its so unusual for me .. but thought i'd dive in with the store and will get back into it.. which will be tomorrow since i have a challenge for journal it due FRIDAY................

thanks everyone for all your love and support..
it really means so much to come here and see your lovin when to be honest things have been crappy lately... but its all good... it all takes time..LOL.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming Soon... {hopefully}

hello wonderful people out there.. well its coming soon.. hopefully by the end of the week... WHAT you ask.. well alittle bit of me..
Clouds and More...

alittle etsy shop..

so anyho.. been taking some pics today.. mostly unsuccessfully so will have to redo in better light..but miss Ivy decided to help insisting that before every shot of different product she would take a photo.. so heres a snippet in the eyes of IVy.. so that was Ivy by me.. she was getting cranky coz it was her turn..LOL..

oh i couldnt resist.. alittle sneaky..

as you can tell i need better photos..will do that cloud that looks brown is actually elephant grey..yep thats right GREY.. anyho.. have a great great day or night whichever it may be..
can you tell i'm not very good with keeping my own secrets anyone else's I'm great but i cant keep my own that is why it is soooo hard for me not to show any of my masters entry... but anyho... thanks for the love.. and please let me know what you think..

Monday, July 19, 2010

All Boy....

so another layout for the cyber crop that the boxx had on Friday.. was a challenge set by the wonderful Danielle Q...

usually when i do a Danielle Q set challenge i get caught up in the DAnielleQ-awesomeness and it seems to show through on the layout.. cant really say that happened this time..maybe i just used it all up on the last layout on the previous post..{a Special Bond}
was stuck for a title.. was actually going to use the journalling for it but then the hole needed filling..{already had the hambly but it needed more}...


can you tell i have a small ADDICTION to postage stamps at the moment.. i found the balloon ones at Thriftypyg on etsy.. super fun hey.. they also had mushys as well.. and yes i will be going back for and the balloon is a SCRAPMATTS must
a little height was needed for the balloons... {get it height.. balloons...ZITCHES..PSML... oh i crack myself up}..

thanks for popping over and saying hi... so "hello"....
lots of love and

ps.. i almost forgot the bike and digger chippy is from Scrapbookingncraft... cheers

Sunday, July 18, 2010

LRR and BOXX challenge

so grab a cuppa.. your in for a long post...
The changing faces of Ivy Marie...
layout was done for our local group.. challenge.. double in black and white {using_ stamping, embossing,and lace... } well 2 out of the three arent bad.. managed the stamping and lace....lOL



to say i was stuck is an UNDER statement.. for some stupid.. what the *&#$ are you doing thing happened.. i had no plan..which isnt anything unusual... but i grabbed a heap of pics of ivy that i had hanging around..and cut them into CIRCLES..yeah i i had to just go from there..... was totally stuck..then Lil Red ROcket came and saved the day..
and another.. also some butterflies from Elise and some LRR butterflies on top..cute.. oh and how straight is that sewing.. ZITCHES....

SUPER scrapmatts as well..yay...

and then.. the boxx was having a cyber crop.. {but couldnt make the actual still did the challenges..and boy are there some fantastic artists who set the challenges..and some AMAZING people who replied to them..}

A Special Bond..
my niece Tosharn...

it was sorf of scrapped in two parts.. first i created the bottom piece.. { i had another photo in mind when i first started then after i created the cluster it just wasnt right so had to think again.. hence the little photo}...
so started with the bottom then decided another mini lo up the top was in order...


the height and flavour of the bottom

so as you can see with this one its alittle Julie Winks, alittle DanielleQ and a dash of me...
thanks for visiting..
hope you had a great weekend..
super HAPPY days...

PS.. as you can tell my ummmmm... STYLE is on fire.. 2 totally different layouts all done in a matter of days.. what.. definately.. whatever is in my head style..

Friday, July 16, 2010

a lo... esp for Leanne Allinson

i fell IN LOVE with this photo when Leanne Allinson put it on her blog so i asked her to email me it so i could do a layout.. and here is the result..

the title was a little tricky since it wasnt for me.. but given that it was winter when they went to the show i thought it was appropriate..

fun border stitching.

yep heres that banner AGAIN... i seriously over kill something when i find it works...but anyho.. oh and how perfect was that pp.. found it when i found the balloon stamp.. kaiser range..lovely.

i had to sneak back to Leannes blog post to see what they i put a snapshot of the night in the journalling... i was going to leave a blank spot for her to journal but couldnt quite find where it should go..

another of the banner..and the side of the photo.. crazy machine stitching..{ps..i think i now love sewing machines even though i still suck....LOL}...

so what do you think.. i had this one done last friday but couldnt post it in the mail until this week so i had to hang off bloggin it.. but Leanne informed me that she actually liked it so YAY....
happy days everyone..still trying to finish a lo that i started the other day.. and have done a finished of masters otp.. thinking about the double..and this other double that i have started is due tonight so i really must get cracking... oh the challenge was..... double BLACK AND WHITE LAYOUT.. include.. lace, embossing and stamp.. heres the struggle.. black and white {now black white and dash of other} and embossing.. crap..i dont do embossing..i now really wish i had a cuttlebug or something..anyho..might skip the embossing and just do the rest..ZITCHES.. will post again as soon as i finish..if it ever gets finished..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weekend at Jaes.

so off we went.. Mum, Dad, Tarj, Ivy and myself off to see my lil sis in Eltham.. {inland from Lennox Head}.. any ho.. really funny thing 1st up..went with BBLowe to chocolate cottage and scrap shop last wed and saw the coolest hot air balloon stamp from Kaiser..thought oh what the heck just means i have $10 less for the weekend... then driving down early morning.. Tarj ... "i need to pee"... then i look up.. "STOP the car, tarj needs to pee.. and wheres my camera..."

a beach at lennox head.. sorry didnt get the name..
also some pics of tarj, ivy and my lil sis Jae on the beach..perfect winters beach day... {the water was freezing but was beautiful to stand on the beach and smell that wonderful beach smell}..

DRIVIN...thats why not the greatest pic and i see a rainbow... cool..

and back at Alstonville where we stayed just had to get some pics of the kids posing..LOL....

yeah yeah i know i could have cleaned Ivys face first.. but anyone who really knows Ivy she is ALWAYS eating so her face is ALWAYS

PS.. i have also been scrapping but i cant show you.. decided last night to enter the masters.. wasnt going to mainly coz i didnt believe in myself.. {thanks Nay} and i was stuck with the whole off the page thingy.. then walla.. it hit i had an idea.. so i have ran with it.. well not literally.. more like sat down trying to work it out so it looks sort of like whats in my head..

PPS.. i also have started a lo.. but was stuck.. so will try and finish tomorrow..yay..
woot woot...
and you know the rest..

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