Monday, May 31, 2010

sketch layout.... double...

howdy.. this is a lo for our local scrap group for this was a sketch..i changed it..SURPRISE>... i swapped the two sides around and then played with the sizes of the photos on the right hand side..{supposed to be 9 - 2"x2".. the grid was way too much for me..ZITCHES}

so i know one of the firies from the kitchener st station and she asked me to take some pics before they tore down the old building.. it was rather fun... {oh and heaps more pics taken but these were the only ones that i have}

i was stuck for a title but this sort of explains it all..

my firie friend Paula

the journalling.. alittle nude for me but oh well..sometimes you need words and sometimes you dont..

thanks for visiting and please leave some loving..

oah and dont forget my giveaway... {check my labels..under my giveaway}...

may the ZITCHES be with you...

Friday, May 28, 2010

apart from giveaways i had a productive day...

this was actually the first for the day.. i had to have the card made b4 the kids got home from daycare to take to daddys with them for Chases first birthday.. {looks it should i ripped off another one that i did similar...ZITCHES}..

second for the day.. do your April month in review.. well that sucked..nothing happened, i didnt do anything on my list.. and didnt even have a pic i wanted to use.. but here it is anyho.

awesomeness layout lifted from Julie WInks... yay.. thanks and also all the rounds are from her also..she sent me a care package..woot woot and thanks... the main block i made up of a transparancy also JW... with the photo of me and some scrap pp..oh and notice the stitching... also the old dress pattern spot and old book paper spot one of my thingy bobs...

woot woot for Julie ...

okay so the journalling.. as i said nothing happened...

had some fun with the date.. i've had that pp for ever and finally used it...

and the last.. or maybe another yet tonight..
tHE LOVELY Leanne Allinson is the challenge setter this week at the boxx.. criteria.. something hand drawn and hand written..
thats a big TICK....

my little ivy has the face that makes you think she would NEVER ever do anything naughty.. YEAH RIGHT>.. zitches...

this is a dodgy close up of one such layout destroyed.. still havent redone yet and its still up on the wall as a reminder to her to not do it again...

what can i say.. Drawing.. and what comes to mind.. CLOUDS.. go figure..

ps can you see alittle Louise Nelson here.. must be the kraft...

thanks for the sugar babies...
dont forget to go to the post below for some thing weird from my head

my little Giveaway...

okay so i have been making some things lately..
and as a thankyou for everyones support and love especially over the last month in particular i have decided to give some of my weirdness away..

so all you have to do is leave me some SUgar and you'll go into the draw..

The officiallnesss of the draw will happen on thur 10 June.. so if someone who wins and is going to the expo will receive it straight from my little hand.. well not little, average sized probably... ZITCHES... or if you arent going ..What are you thinking?.. more ZITCHES... i will post it to you..
oh and i am hugely sorry for the dodgyness of the pic.. darn wind so i cant photo outside, stupid lens so hard photoing inside.. stupid chair..
oh and on the phone..go myself an extrememly cheap replacement for a while.. no use wasting money on a phone when there is serious spending on the horizon...
hoping to meet alot of you in Brissy.. only a couple of weeks away..
cheers, happy days and may the ZITCHES be with you.....

Thursday, May 27, 2010


okay so i was just blog hopping and comment leaving.. {my favourite thing to do}.. just in case you didnt already know that.. and ANYHO... you know the random letter verification dooby thingy... well the one that just come up was
ZITCHES.. so i was sort of in stitches thinking of witches laughin... dont ask me why or how or even where that came from but it just popped into my head.. so was thinking that it now means that you are Zealously {?} in stitches... so
instead of LOL.. and PSML and all the other laughing doobies... no my new one will be ZITCHES.. oh that is funny...

sorry am i alittle weird...

oh and i'm hoping to do a giveaway tomorrow.... stuff that i've made... mmm..think oh i dont know clouds..

see you tomorrow and hopefully you'll be in zitches...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


just saw this giveaway on Debbies blog and though what an AWESOMENESS have to be in it to win
check it out.

sneeky for JOurnal it

well here is alittle sneeky for the journal it challenge which will be revealed after the first..

its very cute if i do say so myself..LOL..

just wanted to show that i havent been lazy am doing some scrappy work..just cant show

oh and i realy need a new lens for my camera, this standing on a chair just isnt working and i cant get the details know....
oh and obviously the kids spilt their cordial on my mobile this morning and i hadnt relized the full extent of the damage until it clouded over and started putting numbers in whenever it liked..lucky it didnt call anyone...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

double post... this is my BBF.. Tracey St JOhnwood {edited}

okay so My Berry Bestest Friend. is hopeless .. and i can say that because i'm her BBF.. anyho i thought that i'd just do alittle showing of some of her work as she doesnt have a blog and i really really love her style... so here they are

all comments will be greatfully received and passed onto her.. thanks.. ps sorry about how little they are.. i stole them off of the Boxx... lol...//
okay so i fixed the size problem.. i MADE her email me the photos..LOL.. enjoy

misss ivy..

okay where to start,,,
found these photos of Ivy being well Ivy pre broken collar bone days and thought they were cute so just had to do them...

Michelle Fowler of Lil Red Rocket fame sent me some journalling spots in with my dt stuff to use and boy they came in handy... oh and see the LRR button..

oh and i was stuck for a title and had the whole page done and was just sitting there thinking what for a title and then looked at the pic and remembered how she just goes crazy on these weird animal rockers... so thats how it happened...
{see i dont plan i just do..}

Lil red rocket.. soft drink labels.. how fun.. and vintage tickets..and the ribbon is from the yellow inspiration kit..yay...

oh this little birdy i got on a set of alpha to go on the wall thingys from the op shop.. but was ripped and only goes from a-m.. {that was twice so Tracey got one}..

also have to thank Julie for the little pp rounds.. and did you see ,, did you see I SEWED again with an actual sewing machien..LOL...just finishes it..yay..
thanks for visiting and please send some sugar my way.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot off of the press...

i just had to finish this one and had to take a photo straight away.. raining here today.. wow..
this one is for the Boxx weekly challenge... [not sure it fits the criteria}
1. use green, brown and orange
2. Kraft somewhere {thats the bit thats got me}
3. use 3 photos
4. use something thats not a commersial scrapbooking product
5. String or twine
so here it is.

i think i NEED this goal..{also green, brown and twine all here} sorry dodgy photo the big "laugh" and "more" are actually green...

so cute Lil Red Rocket button that i just had to throw in oh oh oh and under the laugh in the title is the lil red rocket Archie rounds..

little kittyrobot button that Tracey gave me and also the sm pp round is from Julie WInks

and the ORANGe and also the non commercial product hessian.. also care of the wonderful Julie Winks.

thanks for visiting and sharing.. please leave a comment i really enjoy them.. oh and do you think i made the criteria.. i hope so.. was fun anyho

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a Mixed bag

a little challenge from my LSS.. it included the 2 sheets of pp, the cardstock, the ribbon, rhinestones, the purple brad and the catch, two 1 1/2" x 1" canvases.. now that was a challenge.. i love the result...

i made the canvas into some photos

a little Lou Nelson inspired title..

another of the photo blocks.oh and some Tracey St Johnwood insired circle thingys...

and the journalling.. yay for Tarj he is so fun

alittle big of me.. weird

OMG i received the bestest little pressie in the mail...
thanks Julie Winks..

definately some of Jules style with this package. and guess what this girl can sew yay what goodies.. cant wait to play

my dad is amazing.. the kids left the playdoh out on the table while they went and had their bath the other day so he had a little fun with it..

complete with tomato and bbq sauce.

oh and on the worst thing that has happened today... wait for it... Ivy SMASHED my little lens to my SLR camera today.. so i guess i'll have to go and see if it salvagable or a new one.. yay.. well not really at least it wasnt the body i suppose..
thanks for visiting

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S U P E R giveaway at Lil Red ROcket

well it comes as no surprise to everyone that Lil Red Rocket totally roks.. and here is a super giveaway.. head over there NOW to check it out

oh i'm off to bed..have to sort out some stuff tomorrow and then work a late 12 - 9 tomorrow so i probably wont see anyone tomorrow.. depending how tired i am from work that is.. so i have a really cool thing to show you tomorrow.. my dad is the most amazing dad.. he totally rocks..and is so so good to my wonderful kids.. you'll see tomorrow.. {oh and i did a page today.. depending on time i'll try and photo tomorrow b4 i have to give it to LSS for their monthly challenge.. alittle Lou inspired but some wacky me there too..[ps some unusual products to use].. but yay}

lots of love and SUgar BAby..

Monday, May 17, 2010

please help..?

well i've done a layout and i'm not totally sure that its finished yet.. i'm not exactly sure what its missing but if you have any suggestions i'm more than willing to hear them...
so here it is..

had to include a Lil Red Rocket button and butterfly or two.. LOL..
some height in these flowers but they are fun.

it started out as a single curl then grew.. i think its this bit that i'm not totally happy with... oh and Tracey gave me the little girl button that she got at kitty robot.. cute..
yep more butterflies. they work so well..
journalling is .. this pic was taken of you when you were about 8 months old & today you are almost 2 1/2, my time has flown but looking back over all the things that have happened to you i realise what a strong little miss you really are. but no matter what you are still melt my heart everytime i look at you, my princess Ivy.

oh and by the way have i mentioned that it is freezing here today.. they predicted a top of 15 but before i heard that it was 12 and that was before it rained so now it is definately Freezing...

thanks for looking and please help if you can...
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