Wednesday, July 1, 2015

its a NEW month...

its a new month here at Show Us Your Stuff....

this month is a doozy.. getting back to our scrappy roots..
well. somewhat.
the challenge.
da da dahhhh.....
yep you read that correctly..
use your handwriting as a feature..
{{struggle street}}............. 
journaling isn't something that i have ever been big on. 
and my current feel just wasn't bringing it.
so i went with what felt natural for this one..

recently i have been talking to a friend about Soul Food.. 
the things that our inner person needs to keep going. to replenish. 
so i went with that. it felt right. 
yes i know a little bit hippy crazy love emotion happening in that one...
and then.. 
THIS happened.

"Soul Food"
.i combined a couple of things that has been making my soul happy. 
Painting.. my watercolours paintings.
{which reminds me that i really should do a post about that.}
and my soul food.. 
i truly feel my most at home at the beach. any beach.
yes i have some special places to revive. but all in all 
the magic. the emotion. the smell. the feel . the sense of freedom 
that the ocean gives is what i went for..
hope you feel it..

and then some closies..
 my dodgy handwriting. i'm blaming the textures and .. stuff..
but it reads..
"we all have that something, that place where our soul
goes to replenish, to feel. so we can keep going.. 
the key is to find your special place. your soul food.
whats your .. soul food."

**didnt have any sand handy so i used embossing powder for that feel.. 
and a Dlish flair.**
 the title. my trademark staples.. and the hand made..
Charms Creations map marker...

so there you go. drink in some soul food.
find some handmade goodness.. add some Journalling and wallah..
you are on fire.

may your days be blessed with love, hope and wonder..

drop on over to the Show us your stuff blog for some more inspiration.

happy days.. 

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