Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WHERe is everyone....????

just wondering where everyone is ....???
been checking on here to see if i have some lovin.. and on new posts.. i need some inspiration.. what are you all on holidays...??

it is FREEZING here today.. but just got back from visitin my bud Tracey.. and my nieces are coming to stay for a couple of days so i have alittle hit for awhile..

i feel the need... the need for scrapping..

check ya..



Monday, June 28, 2010

House of Toast...

a Tarj lo was needed yes2day because tarj TOLD me it was his puto time so i had to get off of it..so scrapped..just so i could keep an eye on him.. {you never really know where or what a 3 yr old can get up to on a puto}
House of Toast.. a creation by Tarj..
there was never any question about a title for this one..
isnt he so proud... and a lil red rocket button..yay.. {ps cant wait for my new order to arrive..}...

the journalling.. even if its only a few words i need to journal.. what about you?..

it was FREEZING this morn.. outside temp 0.2 apparent temp -4.3.. yippee... and whats worse i told Ivy that Jacks been and she made me take her out so she could touch the frozen grass.. yay for me..

anyho..thanks for visiting.. hope you enjoyed your stay.. and i've been abit down the last couple of days..thats why heaps of scrappin been done so thanks for your lovin i need it....

SUgar BAby

PS... oh oh i have had a lo accepted by SC.. so i know it wont be published for a while {issue 87} but atleast i know when .. and yippee............

Sunday, June 27, 2010


this weeks challenge at the boxx was by the amazing Danielle Q.. prompts.. painted altered background. and a transparency

although i didnt use alot of paint i did need it to change the background.. it was too white.. so added some blue..

the journalling

simple title.. Serenity... its well her name after all..

my use of the transparencys..

a flower created by me from paper doily sprayed with 2 glimmers and a Leeann Pearce button and doiley.. {reckon it came up nicely}

Isn't it funny that for some reason deep within your head when you are doing another super scrappers challenge you seem to channel that scrapper.. i can see so much Danielle in here yet a heap of me as well.. anyone else do that or am i just alittle wierd..oh hang on dont answer that i think i already know...
Anyho.. Ivy is in bed havin a sleep and Tarj is watching Charlie and Lola,, ps i love charlie and lola, so i think this calls for me to sneak into my room for a minute for alittle rest as well.. so i will see you all later.. thanks for stopping by and havin a little look see..
Sugar BaBy

Saturday, June 26, 2010

On Ya Bike...

okay so this is a little different for me..notice that the highest thing on this page is the chippy.. yep not one little piece of foam mount..unusual hey...
and it was also time to do a page or two on Tarj..{i can only show this one at the moment though}
found this funky Hambly screen transparency at a LSS that i hardly go to .. {and yes OMG funky stuff}

needed journalling and just wasnt sure where.. happy with my end choice..

my little man is always off in his own world even when riding his bike.

he is riding off into the sunset..LOL.. actually Julie Winks often has photos going off of the page so thanks Julie.. stole that idea..ZITCHES..

oh and couldnt resist.. a sneaky of my next Journal It CT layout..

got some The Chip Chop Shop from Leeann , i have been wanting them for ages but when i saw one IRL on a lo at the expo i KNEW i had to order it... so the cloud is hers and the rest is mine... {coming soon}... well maybe...

anyho i hope everyone is fantastic and i am really hoping to do another page tonight.. oh and thanks to those who told me to submit Your EYES had an email asking if it was still avaliable for publication..HELL YES>....
thanks for you lovin...

SUgar BAby

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been playing

i've been playing lately with some clay..

of course i had to make clouds
and then a layout that i made last night.. can you guess who its inspired by.......

little bit of fun..

more clay fun..{had another go today and it looks alot better, will keep playing with some more owls.}..

owl in a tree of goodness... got to love prima.. {i think these were my first prima purchase as my lss doesnt sell prima}..
and the fan part is from Tracey...

new border edge.. how fun is that...

so have you guessed who i was inspired by..... LOu Nelson...... I'm sure you all know who she is but if you need a refresher go and have a look see.. to say i'm a fan is an understatement.. i totally love her work even though our styles are so very different..
thats it for now..
please leave some sugar...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

new from Lil Red ROcket... edited.. OUt for Publication.. I THINK...

INTRODUCING..... lil red rocket retro girls.. these new 1 1/2 inch buttons are so so SUPER cute..
see how cute is that button...
and thanks also to Nay and Gilly for the super little ballerina and the doiley..

super new purchase,, birdcage from SCRAPMATTS{could have spent thousands in that shop.. but was very well behaved but am kicking myself now.}..and some delicious new glimmer..

a little bit random

YAY for shopping...

thanks for havin a gander at these.. please feel super free to leave some loving..

Sugar BAby..

ps.. i will be doing a Lou inspired lo very soon with all these glimmer colours to choose from..
pps.. still on a weekend away hangover.. i just want to do it all over again.. but the bank balance is telling me that it is a definate no no..LOL>

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what a weekend

oh what a weekend.. the first two are the ones that i managed to do at Geli's crop after my day of shopping.. used all my new goodies for them ..
Tracey Caravan of Dreams..
spent a weekend at Candys parents in their super retro caravan.. so much fun.. {was going to do a embarrassing type lo of this one but just couldnt bring myself to do it.}

got to love how this lil red rocket button and one of my dyed doiley worked a treat.
another lil red rocket button with some hand made flowers by Me worked so well to gether.
i just had to colour this piece of pp so that the flowers really popped... loved the result..

Tarj making Ivy Beautiful.. well thats what he said when she proudly walked into me with big strands of hair hangin down..

had to add some black to the frame to make it pop.. cheers candy for the lend ..LOL.. of the letters..

see the chunk.. this was the only one we had trouble fixing..

journalling and also had to blacken the pic to make these stand out... got to love black zig pen.
special finishing... thanks to the scraps of the ladies and Geli and Gillys punches..LOL..

first of all ... this one was the one that i did on Friday when i was supposed to be packing to go away..

love the randomness of this.. {still cant get the hang of a sewing machine.. the thread kept breaking but in the end thats what i love}

isnt tarj cute..LOL..

added the little red rocket button to make the rocket complete..

oh the journalling..and the super super star from Julie Winks. love ya Jules.

did you see that i used Lil Red ROcket goodies on all of my layouts. super products... check them out now...
super weekend girls.. thanks everyone was just what i needed..
happy days..

Sunday, June 13, 2010


thats it..
just felt like boo-ing you all..
thanks for meeting and talking to me everyone..
had a fantastic day and night..
must do it again.

WOot WOot..

will post the lo that i managed to do at the crop {2 even}..
and some fun pics {as soon as Tracey sends them to me>.LOL}..
what a day. I am still SMILING>...

happy happy super days to everyone..

SUgar BAby.

{ps.. special thanks to Renee, Gilly and Shell for you wonderful support and lovin it was just what i NEEDED.. thank you.. oh and that goes for everyone else as well.. just had to special mention those 3, they seemed to know what i needed to hear and the special love and support}

Thursday, June 10, 2010

AND the WINNER is......

drum roll please...
oh the suspense...LOL..

a huge congrats to Dolly B {better known to most as Mary Bennetts} and i will be lucky enough to meeting this wonderful lady at the expo on Saturday so i hope she'll like them..

thats it from me for a couple of days..the expo awaits.. and the super scrap night as well.. cant wait..
have a great weekend...

SUgar BAby

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a CAnvas..

so the deal is this actually started out as a canvas thank you for SHell.. but it kind of was looking alittle LITTLE girly so i did Ivy instead.. {sorry SHell IOU..} so fun to do a canvas now and then..

the trees i've had sitting at home for ages and just wasnt sure what to do with them and then it hit......

oh and arent these CUTE.. the little boy and girl are from Shell as are the butterflies and the red button...Lil Red ROcket magic...and some flowers made by me.. and the tree is me as well...
how cute is my little miss...LOL...{see shes sitting on a LRR button with a LRR butterfly}

oh and to give myself a RAP... yo yo yo... this is the clouds that addicted made. the come from the best pressie ever and a little pippi longstocking... some acetate and some wierdness and YO.. you get some clouds.. YO yO YO checkit... {sorry got carried away, must be the excitement over the weekend that is ALMOST here}

thanks for havin a little bow peep...

oh and the kids will be helping me with officialness of the draw for my giveaway tomorrow when they come home from visiting their dad.. so I will post the result tomorrow.. and who knows who it will be.. maybe someone from the expo.. oh that would be fun..

happy scrappy day...

SUgar BAby

Monday, June 7, 2010

my 2 Beautiful nieces

so My eldest niece asked me to take some pics of some of the waterways in TMBA for an assignment at school... and the last stop was somewhere i'd never been before and PERFECT for teenage photos.. {only got a couple because as you can tell they WEREN'T in the mood for photos.. esp Serenity it was only 9:30 in the morning..LOL}


oh oh oh oh ... this wall thought LOUISE NELSON straight away so just had to take a pic.. {this is Tosharn.. the one i was taking the photos for}

these TWO girls are gorgeous.. they love the kids and keep them entertained whenever they visit.. and EVERY time i check out facebook Serenity is always on and always has a chat...
well thats it from me.. i have done an off the page but need to photo it tomorrow.. but i am working the night so i probably wont put it up until thursday.. so i hope that everyones week is going great and there is only a few more sleeps till the expo.. weekend.. sleep over.. scrap shopping, scrapping..and fun... and definately CHocolate..
WOoT WOot... yay
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