Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunset bliss..

Oh My God....
Where Have I been..
well who really knows, I'm pretty sure like most of you time just goes.. somewhere.... and we all get lost in what has happened and what is going to happen. and where we want to be.
This year has been a whirlwind... I jumped off of a bridge and started Uni...
YEP. wow.. what a learning curve. not just in the content of the course but within myself.
I'm just about to finish a Diploma of community welfare and development major in psychology. I took this path because I didnt know whether I was smart enough to do psychology or if I wanted to take the counselling route.. and well I have decided that although I am smart enough I am going down the counselling road as it is a little more personal than psychology. oh and I wont have to do a course in statistics.. WINNING....
so back to everything else.
I have just started a new job which I am loving, meeting country locals is great. and I am moving. So unfortunately I wont have my paddocks outside my window but I'll  be in a small country town. I've decided to give it a year and then try and find a farm house to rent. so now I have a goal and a direction.....
oh and LOVE life.. well I am still single but I am happy. YES mum I am putting myself out there but will see what happens. I spent a little time getting to know a man and found part of myself within that journey. I know that country life is for me. and I've learnt a little more about the type of man that I want and value in my life. They say we meet people to learn from, who will be in our lives for short time or a long time. I think I have definitely found a long time friend and for me that is just as important and a lover. Don't get me wrong a lover would be nice but for now, I am happy and keep on keeping on...

What I actually came here for was to share my layout for Show Us Your Stuff, November Challenge..
so the prompt is...

 Pretty simple right.. so NO PEOPLE ALLOWED and of course the handmade something something...
My take..
"Sunset Bliss"
My handmade items are a pin from My 2 Angels, Charms creations DIY map marker and Rainbow Splendour Wood Veneer heart and cross... 
some details.. 
so thats it for me.. 
Maybe my blog will stop being so neglected however you know I can't promise much.. 
stay true to yourself and don't be scared to let go some times......

lots of love.... xo

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kraft Plus for January.

Just calling in to leave a little something that i created for the Kraft Plus challenge..
so the prompt was.....
and well how easy is that. so i thought that i would give it a whirl. 
and this is what i came up with. 
"blessed with a country soul"
yep its an unusual size. i cant even know what actual size it is. just a random piece of kraft coloured matte board that i thought i would use..
so simple. 
a couple swipes of gesso, so random splashes of colour and a mix of .. well.. stuff.
not forgetting the Rainbow Spendour rabbit pin and mixed leaves... 
and a scrapmatts frame...
and of course some handwriting, in this case the title and then a side note of ivy.
this all just came together. i very rarely plan a layout so its kind of my style.

a little fore warning. this year is going to be a BIG one for me
lots of pressure, some stress. and some of the kids thrown in so i might be here to vent more often than anything. but please still leave some love..
have a wonderful night/day...
tell someone you love them. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Onwards and Upwards to better things in 2016

Good morning 2016 how the freak are you.........................

so we are onto a new year which always means a new start.
well I'm back for another term at Show Us Your Stuff 
{they must be suckers for punishment}

so for this new year we have a mood board..
I love a mood board.. open to whatever inspires you ...
 Delicious isn't it....
So I took my inspiration from the splash of red and the dash of summer and sand.

"Hi There"
The pattern paper is from Cocoa Vanilla Studio along with the paper flowers, paper cloud, title and the film strip. They are all part of the hello lovely range.. which is so so good...
 this photo is so old of Ivy but its still one of my favourites. 
and heck  yes its so different for me. 
i loved creating it though which for me is pretty much the most important reason for me to create. 
and some details for you. 
DLish flair and wood veneer frame.
Wood veneer cloud and star left natural from the superb Rainbow Splendour

and the Vellum Bow is also from Rainbow Splendour.

so there you go.. 
January 2016 is off to a flying start.
be sure to check out our challenge and the other design team work on the Show us Your Stuff blog and also check out the facebook page. and Please Join in on the challenge.

have a blessed 2016. 
share some love.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kraft Plus... September...

hey there everyone. .
Septembers Kraft + challenge 
is just as amazing as Ever.. seriously how cool is that sketch...
well done.... 
so the day had come that i wanted to give it a go.. i knew that i wanted to rotate the sketch... 
but that was all i knew..
and then.. 
dog darn it....... 
Brown paper Bags.. woot......
i did think of using just a single bag and creating on that but it wasn't ME enough..
so then i ripped it up and randomly stuck it down to some board..
and then went from there..

"my Bliss"

so the details..
the Photo of me taking the sunrise photos my lil sister took of me when we were all up at Rainbow Beach for a Family birthday.. i had no idea she had taken it but i love it.....
so i went from there....
and yes.. 
my bliss... 
its creating.. taking photos.. scrapping. {although not as much as i should} and painting...
so it was natural to combine everything that i love in one layout.
thank you for stopping by..
leave some love..
lots of love

Sunday, September 27, 2015

time lapse...................

Good morning..
I'm just calling in to share a time lapse with you. whilst those that know me know that I have taken a few before with my phone this is the first one that i've taken with the go pro..... 
it hasn't turned out too bad considering its my first go.....
process of learning is never ending. 

those that know me will also know that i have the most amazing and supportive dad around (one day fingers crossed i might meet a man that comes close.. well thats the dream) anyway I had mentioned the afternoon before going that i didnt have a tripod or anything to mount the go pro on to get it off of the ground for timelapse.. so this little sticky thing is his invention that he whipped up in under 10 minutes.. it is PERFECT.........................
 a little selfie just because i can...

 and a phone pano of the beach..
Third bay at Coolum
also commonly known as the unofficial nudist beach... woot..

and now onto the reason you came to visit.. Time lapse.
Third Bay Coolum. 
Sunrise 23/09/2015

hope that works... video

let me know what you think.

i've got another one to process yet. 
have a blessed Sunday.
don't forget to be thankful for what you have in your life.

lots of love.

Monday, August 17, 2015

show us your stuff... august....

Its mid month revel at Show us your stuff... 
which means a new challenge... 
and a mood board.. 

 and you know what i LOVE LOVE love about mood boards.. you can just go with whatever comes out after seeing the board...
here is my take..

"You are You"

can you see what i got out of it...
yep part of the saying...
then the 3 strips of colour and then the wood type colours in the pattern paper i used.. 
so its what i felt when i saw the MOOD board..
my handmade items are ... from Rainbow Splendour. the felt chevron strips and foam leaf.
from Dlish the 2 flairs, 
from Charms Creations the arrow and star 
and then an old school the chip chop shop bird pin...

so there you go.. just go with where the mood takes you and have a go..

thanks for looking..
oh and only 13 more days until spring.. WOOHHOOOOO..

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

its a NEW month...

its a new month here at Show Us Your Stuff....

this month is a doozy.. getting back to our scrappy roots..
well. somewhat.
the challenge.
da da dahhhh.....
yep you read that correctly..
use your handwriting as a feature..
{{struggle street}}............. 
journaling isn't something that i have ever been big on. 
and my current feel just wasn't bringing it.
so i went with what felt natural for this one..

recently i have been talking to a friend about Soul Food.. 
the things that our inner person needs to keep going. to replenish. 
so i went with that. it felt right. 
yes i know a little bit hippy crazy love emotion happening in that one...
and then.. 
THIS happened.

"Soul Food"
.i combined a couple of things that has been making my soul happy. 
Painting.. my watercolours paintings.
{which reminds me that i really should do a post about that.}
and my soul food.. 
i truly feel my most at home at the beach. any beach.
yes i have some special places to revive. but all in all 
the magic. the emotion. the smell. the feel . the sense of freedom 
that the ocean gives is what i went for..
hope you feel it..

and then some closies..
 my dodgy handwriting. i'm blaming the textures and .. stuff..
but it reads..
"we all have that something, that place where our soul
goes to replenish, to feel. so we can keep going.. 
the key is to find your special place. your soul food.
whats your .. soul food."

**didnt have any sand handy so i used embossing powder for that feel.. 
and a Dlish flair.**
 the title. my trademark staples.. and the hand made..
Charms Creations map marker...

so there you go. drink in some soul food.
find some handmade goodness.. add some Journalling and wallah..
you are on fire.

may your days be blessed with love, hope and wonder..

drop on over to the Show us your stuff blog for some more inspiration.

happy days.. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June at show us your stuff................

hi everyone.. 
i'm late.. i'm late for a very important date..
actually i'm just really late blogging this.. 
its a new month at show us your stuff..
this month its all about this mood board. 
the great thing about these boards is there is SO many ways to interpret them..

 and here is my take on it..
i went with the colours.. and then the lines...
"Remember Today"
 my handmade items are .. the Rainbow Splendour Camera Pin and Vellum Dots...

and a little close up so that you can see the detail in the background... 
thank you for visiting.
and dont forget to jump on over to Show us your stuff and have a go at this super awesome challenge.

Friday, May 1, 2015

New challenge time at Show Us Your Stuff....

a big hi to whoever is out there in blog land that stops by...
new month means a new challenge at Show Us Your Stuff....
and May's challenge is super easy.. 
its a sketch.. look at that cutie...
{{don't forget to add your hand made embellie and all is sweet as cherry cola.}}
 well most of you know.. i like to do things a little different.. 
so yes my take on the sketch isn't quite.. um... conventional...
TOLD YOU........... 
so i flipped the sketch.. 
created "layers" where most would use pp with ink and resist with candle wax.
and then.. 
just added more textures... 
and then a super cool.. well i like it cluster...
 Just so you can see the cluster... i've used more ink, embossing powders.. staples..
and my hand made elements.. a Heavenly Heart from Charms Creations..
a Cork Polaroid frame from Rainbow Splendour {LOVE IT}
and an old fabric button from Lil Red Rocket.. oh how i miss LRR.... 
so there you have it..
create something awesome..
think outside the square..
and most of all


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

a little piece of me..

so I'm sharing some randoms that I've created lately.....
I was inspired by a Fiona Paltridge video of a layout she created a little while ago..
I loved how it all ended up... a little bit of me and a little random.
"Hey Beautiful"
 the photo is one I took of my friends daughter Alecia in the sunflowers a little while ago
and its one of my favourites.....
{i'm printing at home at the moment so the quality isn't as good as i'm used to ..
but at least i'm getting some different material to work with"
the Camera Pin is from Rainbow Splendour
and the chippy is a Scrapmatts...... .
 the chippy I randomly dabbled glue and then added a couple of different coloured sands that I borrowed {yeah borrowed is the right word" from my daughter....
and the flair is by DLish.....
next up I was playing with being able to do people..
I still don't do people but I haven't given up yet...
'She Is Strong"
at lot of mixed media in this .. started with a dylusions background and then mixed watercolours and paint to a create the .. lady......
 I then "scrapped" the top portion of the page to create a she art inspired layout...
I've used another DLish flair,..  a Charms creation a heavenly heart.
and a Rainbow Splendour velum pin wheel.. cute hey!!!
and lastly..
"wild and CRAZY"
 since I've been doing a few watercolours lately I created this on the watercolour book page and then kept going. some of you may have seen the layout already on facebook..
I actually randomly videoed me creating this one.. a few whoopsies and all...

so the background.. candle wax, dylusions, watercolour, embossing powder and watercolour.. oh and posca pens.. woohoo...
the HEART is another Charms Creation,
 and this time the flair is from A piece of cake designs
and its mounted on a bottle top from DLish.. whooohoo for wonderful products..
 random stapling.... turned into cute hugs and kisses....
hope you've enjoyed looking at these..
thanks for visiting..
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