Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WHERe is everyone....????

just wondering where everyone is ....???
been checking on here to see if i have some lovin.. and on new posts.. i need some inspiration.. what are you all on holidays...??

it is FREEZING here today.. but just got back from visitin my bud Tracey.. and my nieces are coming to stay for a couple of days so i have alittle hit for awhile..

i feel the need... the need for scrapping..

check ya..




Lisa Amiet said...

haha I've been sick, not sure what everybody else's excuse is, hope you're doing well :)

Kim said...

HI Leanne, you must have snuck these in fast, I check your blog almost daily...and all of a sudden there are 3...so love the funness of them all

Dolly B said...

sending you bucket loads of sugar Mwwwwwah


Donna said...

I do have a look Leanne..lol.. Just don't often comment these days cause I never seem to find the time.. will have to make a bigger effort.. I know my blog is very lonely at the moment..lmao xx

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