Tuesday, May 18, 2010

S U P E R giveaway at Lil Red ROcket

well it comes as no surprise to everyone that Lil Red Rocket totally roks.. and here is a super giveaway.. head over there NOW to check it out

oh i'm off to bed..have to sort out some stuff tomorrow and then work a late 12 - 9 tomorrow so i probably wont see anyone tomorrow.. depending how tired i am from work that is.. so i have a really cool thing to show you tomorrow.. my dad is the most amazing dad.. he totally rocks..and is so so good to my wonderful kids.. you'll see tomorrow.. {oh and i did a page today.. depending on time i'll try and photo tomorrow b4 i have to give it to LSS for their monthly challenge.. alittle Lou inspired but some wacky me there too..[ps some unusual products to use].. but yay}

lots of love and SUgar BAby..

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