Friday, May 21, 2010

Hot off of the press...

i just had to finish this one and had to take a photo straight away.. raining here today.. wow..
this one is for the Boxx weekly challenge... [not sure it fits the criteria}
1. use green, brown and orange
2. Kraft somewhere {thats the bit thats got me}
3. use 3 photos
4. use something thats not a commersial scrapbooking product
5. String or twine
so here it is.

i think i NEED this goal..{also green, brown and twine all here} sorry dodgy photo the big "laugh" and "more" are actually green...

so cute Lil Red Rocket button that i just had to throw in oh oh oh and under the laugh in the title is the lil red rocket Archie rounds..

little kittyrobot button that Tracey gave me and also the sm pp round is from Julie WInks

and the ORANGe and also the non commercial product hessian.. also care of the wonderful Julie Winks.

thanks for visiting and sharing.. please leave a comment i really enjoy them.. oh and do you think i made the criteria.. i hope so.. was fun anyho


Kim said...

oooo love it Leanne so much fun, especially love what you have done with those archie rounds

Leanne said...

I'm sure Jodie will be thrilled with it!! Hope you have time to join in with mine next week!

kathie said...

LOL, I just had to come and see who posted the wonderful message on my blog. I'm glad you found me. Drop in and make yourself comfortable whenever you want :D
Love what you've done with the Cosmo!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

Very cool LO Love it!

Shell said...

Looks gorgeous. I think you covered the criteria no problem.x

Jules said...

wonderfully random .. :) totally you, and love the collage look too xx

Leeann Pearce said...

You crack me up with the woot woot.... and i just have to tell you about jorja's PJ's.... they are clouds... i must get a photo just for you... you would love em... i think of you when i dress jorja in them too... crazy i know...anyway thanks for adding my blinkie your in the draw miss woot woot!!!

and i love your sugar always!!!

how is your friend tracey...please say hi to her from me!!!

Marcy said...

I love your unique style. i only wish I could do whimsy with such gorgeuous stiking flair! Really cool bright colours too! :)

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