Friday, March 19, 2010

Some lo's and weekend wishes

so here goes wonderful scrappers..
My Fairy Tale

so this one is for local group.. scrap a fairytale.. just had these pics taken and loved this one.. bit grungy and used plenty of old stuff.... and had to grudge background so used good ole dimensional magic... liked the way it worked..{journalling is: i dont have a favourite fairytale or story from my past but i do have you two and we are creating our own type of fairytale.}

Made 4 Having Fun

How could i resist these pics of Miss Ivy... also for challenge use boy paper for girl lo or the other way around... this one was fun... and a great Leeann Pearce chippy...{jouranlling ; she definately has a knack of getting into things, she is definately the first into puddles when its been raining.. she loves water poor Milo is forever out of water in his bowl. i think that she just love the feel of it on her skin. i'm sure she gets it from my side of the family, we were all alittle tomboyish!}

Life To a 2 yr Old

also for challenge.. scrap your birthstone.. mine is opal.. UMMMM... not as easy as you would think.. {not quite sure if its finished yet}..
and this is a really funny story actually... well sort of.. bit embarassing... just in case cant read the journalling;
{lifes little moments happen at the wierdest know how it is..once you have kids the chance of a shower alone goes right out the window. anyway the other day i was having amy shower and got out and being that time of the month put a pad on and little miss Ivy is in processof toilet training so she ran out of the bathroom into her room, got undies came back into bathroom and got a pag out and said "Me now"... how do you explain this to a 2 year old...}

thanks for visiting..i wont be back now til Monday or so.. I'm extremely excited that I've been asked to go to Gillys PJ bday so wonderful..cant wait to meet all these wonderful people i have met through the boxx.. oh the only down side is I'm bunking with Tracey and we all know she snores..LOL...
wow what a post..Wake up if you've gone to sleep and please leave a comment...


Kim said...

wow wow wow that first one is so super FANTASTIC....unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey Young said...

Gorgeous layouts Leanne....Love the painting:):) Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog...I really appriciate it:) Have a happy week xx

AnnetteL said...

Wow these layouts are fantastic Leanne, you have been super busy. I like all the DM on the first page.

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