Friday, August 11, 2017

OMMM overload

So I went off to the Dandelong ranges last weekend for an amazing retreat. Its my definite annual retreat and boy there were some amazing creatives there. I had no set idea of the type of work I was going to do so I took a bit of everything, Art Journal, Scrapbooking, Index cards. and I actually did a bit of everything. (its so hard to pack with only 23kgs of space in baggage allowance on the plane). anyway more pics in a later blog about the weekend and the creatives.
what i thought that i would do is share the index cards that I created from the Mood board and a couple none mood board ones whilst I was away..
so to refresh your memory,, the moodiversary mood board..
 so they aren't in any particular order. I have tried to load according to when I created them. but I probably got mixed up....  i was mostly inspired by the colours and textures throughout the board.
Heart and Soul



Find Your Strength 

Life's Journey

Use Your Wings

You're Beautiful
Creativity Takes Courage
My Sweetheart

SO... i think that is all of them. leave me a comment and a way to get back to you if you want to know more.
Products universally used would be.. Dina Wakley Paints, Stabilo marks all pencils (black, white and charcoal), Liquitex Gesso, white and clear, Liquitex modelling paste, Inktense inks, Inktense ink, Viva Las Vegas stamps, Tim Holtz Ideaology, Sharpie, 7dots studio, Carabelle studio stamps, Aall and Create stamps, and there is probably more I just didn't get all the names when i borrowed from others. sorry..happy creating


jo jo said...
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jo jo said...

Oh my goodness, these are all so lovely! I'm really especially fond of Heart and Soul and You are Beautiful! I wish I could trade, but I can't mail out of the US :( I can dream, riiight!?

Bec Miller said...

Just amazing!! I'm so inspired by you girl!! ;)

Leanne J said...

Hi jo jo,
If you read this send me your address to and will see what I can do.

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