Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Sunday, September 27, 2015

time lapse...................

Good morning..
I'm just calling in to share a time lapse with you. whilst those that know me know that I have taken a few before with my phone this is the first one that i've taken with the go pro..... 
it hasn't turned out too bad considering its my first go.....
process of learning is never ending. 

those that know me will also know that i have the most amazing and supportive dad around (one day fingers crossed i might meet a man that comes close.. well thats the dream) anyway I had mentioned the afternoon before going that i didnt have a tripod or anything to mount the go pro on to get it off of the ground for timelapse.. so this little sticky thing is his invention that he whipped up in under 10 minutes.. it is PERFECT.........................
 a little selfie just because i can...

 and a phone pano of the beach..
Third bay at Coolum
also commonly known as the unofficial nudist beach... woot..

and now onto the reason you came to visit.. Time lapse.
Third Bay Coolum. 
Sunrise 23/09/2015

hope that works...

let me know what you think.

i've got another one to process yet. 
have a blessed Sunday.
don't forget to be thankful for what you have in your life.

lots of love.

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