Its a Boys Life

Its a Boys Life

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

now THIS will crack you up....

i have been a fan of this song since i got the LMFAO know how i love to shuffle...and my friends and i have been dying for the video to come out.cos if you've seen their previous songs you will know they are alittle different when it comes to their videos..... so here you go.. {warning some adult content is involved..and you may have to watch it a couple of times coz YOU will BE laughing your arses off...well i did...}
"Sexy and i Know It"

so there you have it..what did you think.... i still laugh....
AND then a couple of shares.. well 1.. i'll share another in a couple days.
scrapbooking,sept 2011,scrapmatts as part of our local scrap group the criteria was to scrap a lo without a person in the photo.. so i did this.... {{originally was goin to call it.. There aint Mush Room at our place... funny hey..but then just settled for Mushroom}..closies..

a bit random and simple..but love this crafters workshop template..woot woot.
i used some of the washers from ScrapMatts movin gears parts that i had leftover for the chippy element...
oh an just to show.. folded corners of photos.. latest thing..and i 've noticed that its goin around at the moment.... oh and good news.. Yesterday i WANTED to scrap..actually wanted to.. so got some of my Next few weeks dt's done so i can have some fun just for me in the coming days..woot woot.. yay.

so i hope you enjoyed your stay and have a fun day today.. i'm taking the kids to see my friend Tracey at the park..i need some photos..LOL.. so happy days.. enjoy the sunshine......


Jasmine S said...

Ok, so you know you had that warning about adult content. Well I began watching the clip when DD was in the toilet. Next thing she walked in just as he was in his "lycra jocks" wiggling it about. Her question was "Mum, how does he get his doodle to move like that". Well needless to say I was grappling to close it down as quickly as I could whilst he whilst he was thrusting it in our faces......
So I think that is enough to crack me up. I might try the rest of the clip later.
Ok, onto your page. Love the mix of masking, the bird punch, buttons etc and what a fab photo. Great work and have fun at the park.

mel said...

I am LMFAO!!! Unlike Jas - I didnt read the adult content warning and am sitting here with my 9 year old - we were both laughing our asses off!!!! So I guess I know what the zingas next dance move is... thanks for that - school concert here we come.... he said it was disgusting but hilarious!!! Love that band and will have to get the album!!
Love love love the LO too BTW - gorgeous misting and photo not "mush - room" for me to write mush else!!!
thanks for the laugh!!

Leanne said...

Bwahahahaha!!! Hilarious!!!! Not something to watch tho on school hols when your kids sneak up behind you!!! LOL!!!!

Thanks for the laugh!!!

Gorgeous LO too! Fabulous photo! wow!!

Bente Fagerberg said...

Lol, seriously disturbed dude...?...I don't know that band, (wonder why :o) )

Funky page about mushrooms and your thoughts on the title put a big grin on my face!

Cathy said...

OMG I have tears running down my cheeks and am still laughing, that was seriously disturbing but so hilarious!! I just called my DD & DS to watch and Brit just looked at me like I had 3 heads.. I think I just scarred her.. she did laugh eventually, but I think all that thrusting was a bit much for her!

Your LO is absolutely fabbo Leanne, saw this at Scrapmatts and loved it!! Your mushroom pic looks fantastic and I love the misting and your 1st title sounded great, I think you should have used it! Take care :)) hugs

Toni Cartwright said...

YEP still LMAO!!!!!!
funny funny funny
Gotta say i love those tights....LOL
i will be back tomorrow when my stomach stops hurting and watch it again!!!!
Thanks for the laugh and i know where i can always come when i need to LMAO..
Take Care

Toni Cartwright said...

Sorry i forgot to mention WOW i love your layout all that misting and what a fab photo!!!!
Take care

Rachael Funnell said...

Too Funny!! Undies Galore...
Sexy & u know it..
THANKS for sharing that.......
I SO Love your Mushy Layout!!
What a GR8 photo & love the design of the Layout!!!! xx

Annette Edmonds said...

yep gave me a laugh and i will have to watch it again to see what i missed, hehe, ps great page xo

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