Sunday, April 8, 2018

a CONCERTED effort....

Hello everyone...
so this is me.. making a CONCERTED effort to update my blog more.. yes concerted which means YOU need to kick me in the butt and remind me...
No seriously, but I am making myself a promise to keep this updated. To share what is happening in my arty journey with you all. well maybe just with the couple of you who stop by.
so I am playing catch up.
So I am going to start by posting a series of pictures of projects that I have completed over the last few months that link up with my YouTube channel (links to projects are on the side bar!).

"Blessed are the Curious"
"Embrace the Journey"
"Fearless, Independent and Original"
"Never Change"
"Pink Ladies"
"Now is the Right Time"
(yes, I still scrapbook, just not as much these days)
"Find your Fire"
(not a youtube one..)
I have a lot more to share but I thought I would start my new journey here and now.
Making a promise to myself.
So I will see you soon.
Live with Empathy and Respect.
Leanne xo


Lizzyc said...

wow... do you know how creative you are... I sit and stare into these pages and just lose myself in what I can see in them... thanks for updating and sharing your creating... look forward to seeing more....

blossom accountants said...

nice post thanks for update

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